Claudia Caro Sullivan

Assistant Director, Digital Media and Learning (DML)

Claudia Caro Sullivan is a developmental psychologist and progressive educator specializing in creating innovative multidisciplinary initiatives for life-long learning. These learning initiatives range from preschool TV shows to collaborations designing open courses in higher ed. Her approach to re-making learning focuses on empowering under-represented and marginalized populations. She holds an EdM in human development and psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BA in social sciences from UC Irvine. Claudia is in charge of developing, executing, and evaluating project activities and events. For UCHRI, she spearheads the Connected Academy for Learning and Research, and at the Connected Learning Lab, Claudia principally oversees the production of the Connected Learning Summit.

Claudia’s work is centered around making learning fun, productive, and meaningful at any age.